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Participation is still free. No fees shall be charged during the game. Only registered users could participate in the games. After finishing  Club World Championship​ 2016tournament your points from the game will be added to your ranking... Show more

przemek16 2016-10-18 0 1567 1567 1 min read
przemek164 years ago 1567 0

The participation is free :-) is is the right place for you.  Your points from the game will be added to your ranking points on!  Games will begin May 16, 2015 and end on July 19, 2015.

Participa... Show more

przemek16 2015-05-14 335 26183 26181 2 mins read
przemek165 years ago 26181 335

There are rumours that Wilfredo Leon would like to get Polish citizenship and play for their national team. Is that true? 

"Yes, it is. I want to play for Poland, but it is difficult to say when this will happen. Rio 2016? Unfortunately I... Show more

przemek16 2015-04-02 10 9352 9352 1 min read
przemek165 years ago 9352 10

Prestigious plebiscite organized by Volleyball-Movies where volleyball fans could chose in their opinion the best players, best coaches and national teams.

In the category "The Best Volleyball Player of 2014" won Mariusz Wlazły with 86 ... Show more

przemek16 2015-02-22 2 2078 2078 2 mins read
przemek165 years ago 2078 2
The best moments in Polish volleyball history. On August 30, Poland played their historic match at the National Stadium in Warsaw against Serbia. It was the opening match of the World Championship 2014. Polish team won 3:0 and with atten... Show more
przemek16 2014-10-05 2 3687 3686
przemek166 years ago 3686 2


1. Italian League ('Serie A') :

Altotevere Volley: Dore Della Lunga , Andri Aganits 
Calzedonia Verona: Aidan Zingel , Mitja Gasparini , Sam Deroo , Adam White , Taylor Sander 
CMC Ravenna: Benjamin Toniutti , Andrea Bari , Klemen Ce... Show more

przemek16 2014-10-03 4 8301 8301 3 mins read
przemek166 years ago 8301 4
Movie showing that volleyball is something more than sport. Shots with Margaret song. Watch in HD! Movie contains moments from World Championships 2014. The matches watched live at Polish halls by 586 855 fans (average 5698 in one match)... Show more
przemek16 2014-09-24 0 4373 4369
przemek166 years ago 4369 0
Powerful spike presented by Russian middle-blocker: Andrey Ashchev. That was game between Russia and Mexico. His team was a favorite of that match, but Mexico have presented dynamic style of play and won the first set. Russia was better ... Show more
przemek16 2014-09-05 0 2306 2306
przemek166 years ago 2306 0
Movie presenting the most spectacular spike from game between Brazil and Poland. Mateusz Mika show this action that he's very comprehensive player. Thanks to the play in that tournament he became real sport idol for young Polish. He was ... Show more
przemek16 2014-09-21 5 4438 4435
przemek166 years ago 4435 5

We know you like to play games, especially when the participation is free :-) is is the right place for you.  Your points from the game will be added to your ranking points on! 

Par... Show more

przemek16 2014-08-25 284 30734 30734 2 mins read
przemek166 years ago 30734 284

It is time for opening this topic! World Championship 2014 will be held in Poland from 30 August to 21 September 2014. The matches will take place in 7 different cities (including football National Stadium). That will be great to see vol... Show more

przemek16 2014-08-23 108 25186 25186 4 mins read
przemek166 years ago 25186 108
Movie showing moments of glory of French national team in World League 2014. They didn't qualify to the Final Six but they played amazing matches against Germany, Argentina and Belgium. France took 1st place with 30 points in group D. Th... Show more
przemek16 2014-07-29 7 3128 3127
przemek166 years ago 3127 7
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