The stars on EuroVolley 2013: Tsvetan Sokolov (Bulgaria)

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The stars on EuroVolley 2013: Tsvetan Sokolov (Bulgaria) Tsvetan Sokolov (Bulgarian: Цветан Соколов) is Bulgarian spiker and one of FIVB Heroes. Tsvetan was born and raised in Resilovo, a small village next to a small Bulgarian town, where everybody is interested in volleyball - Dupnitsa. As a kid Tsetso wasn't only very tall (190cm aged only 12), but.. also a bit fat. He tried to play as a goal keeper in the soccer football team of Dupnitsa, but was cut off because of his weight. His career started in 2001 when he signed contract with Marek Union Ivkoni. He played there in 2002-2009. Tsvetan made his official debut by the time when he was only 14 years and 10 months old in a game against the Romanian “Petrom”. Tsvetan was the biggest star of Bulgarian team in Junior World Championships 2007. He was awarded as the best scorer of that tournament despite the fact that he was the youngest player of that Champs. That was a moment when he was noticed by scouts from all over the world. He joined Trento in 2008. Sokolov became one of the biggest volleyball stars in his country end he earned 40% of votes in the competition for Best Volleyball Player 2012 in Bulgaria. He took 4th place with NT in London 2012 and World League 2012. Starting from season 2012/13 he played for Bre Banca Cuneo. With Cuneo he took 2nd place in the Champions League. He was best spiker of the World League 2013. In season 2013/14, he will play in Trentino Volley again. In EuroVolley 2013 he will play for Bulgaria in group C against Czech Republic, Germany and Russia.

Tsvetan Sokolov

Date of birth: 1989
Position: spiker
Height: 205cm
Weight: 100kg
Spike: 337cm
Block: 319cm

Clubs: Marek Union Ivkoni , Trentino Volley , Bre Banca Cuneo


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7 years ago
Paul Sunderland: "Sokolov's gotta embrace the role of being an absolute monster for Bulgaria"
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7 years ago
Sokolov_74PE 100 3
7 years ago
The best!
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