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Long rally (Brazil - Germany)

vatreni 2013-02-13 19:38 • 2330 views • 3
Jochen Schops will remember this action for a long time. Germany played well on The Olympics in London. They took 5th place (that was their best score from 40 years - in 1972 they have lost in the final game). After disastrous appearance on EuroVolley 2011 their previous coach Raul Lozano was fired. He was succeeded by Belgian Vital Heynen. Join the list of players looking for a volleyball clubJoin the list of players looking for a volleyball club


KamilTMPL 81 1
7 years ago
poor Schops :C
MasterOPuppetsMK 267 6
7 years ago
Wilfredo, that's nice, cos most people would burst out crying and leave the court
Wilfredo_is_MarshallRS 4450 20
7 years ago
If I made this mistake, I would simply move on and get the next point. It is ok to make mistake because we are all humans (not robots!) :)

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