Long rally (Brazil - Germany)

vatreni 2013-02-13 19:38 • 2274 views • 3
Jochen Schops will remember this action for a long time. Germany played well on The Olympics in London. They took 5th place (that was their best score from 40 years - in 1972 they have lost in the final game). After disastrous appearance on EuroVolley 2011 their previous coach Raul Lozano was fired. He was succeeded by Belgian Vital Heynen.


KamilTMPL 81 1
6 years ago
poor Schops :C
MasterOPuppetsMK 267 6
6 years ago
Wilfredo, that's nice, cos most people would burst out crying and leave the court
Wilfredo_is_MarshallRS 4449 20
6 years ago
If I made this mistake, I would simply move on and get the next point. It is ok to make mistake because we are all humans (not robots!) :)