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Best actions in PlusLiga 2019/20 Plusliga 2019/20 2020-01-20 Film przedstawia kompilację najlepszych akcji w Pluslidze (2019/2020) Jeżeli ci się spodobał taki format filmu, zostaw subskrypcję na kanale, lajka pod filmem i miły komentarz, ponieważ jest to…
4 days ago • 475 views  2
Volleyball Explained: The Art of Coaching Other 2020-01-19 What do you need in order to be a successful coach? Let's listen to the advice of Giovanni Guidetti, the head of Vakifbank and the Turkish national team (Women) with numerous titles in Turkey, four ti…
4 days ago • 87 views
Timeout: Alberto Giuliani Other 2020-01-16 Alberto Giuliani has three titles of Italy as head coach of Cuneo and Lube and nowadays is coach of the Slovenian national team! All copyrights belong to the relevant holders. Follow us in Facebook…
1 week ago • 88 views
Volleyball Explained: The Impact of the Libero (Part 1) Other 2019-12-26 How does the libero improve defense in unintended ways? Enjoy the video! For more brilliant volleyball analysis, visit www.marklebedew.com! Follow us in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volleyballe…
4 weeks ago • 79 views
Yosifov & Salparov Retirement Other 2020-01-12 The captain Viktor Yosifov and the libero Teodor Salparov retired from the Bulgarian national team after the European Olympic Qualifier in Berlin. Виктор Йосифов и Теди Салпар…
1 week ago • 131 views
Volleyball Explained: Why do we need a triple block? Other 2020-01-10 Why do we need a triple block? Should the players in young age train a triple block? Listen to the answers in this video! Visit https://www.volleycountry.com - the organizer of the event! Follow us i…
1 week ago • 42 views
Libero Leader - Inspiring Salparov CEV Olympic Qualification 2020, Group B 2020-01-07 The libero of the Bulgarian national team Teodor Salparov with some really strong words during a time-out against the Netherlands in the European Olympic Qualifier. Теодор Салпаров с …
2 weeks ago • 94 views
The best players in 2019 year Other 2019-12-12 New year is coming (2020) and in this video I want to show the volleyball players who performed their best games at the club level in 2019 year. You should know that this is my point of view and your…
1 month ago • 480 views
Timeout: Andrea Giani Other 2020-01-02 Andrea Giani is one of the most legendary volleyball players of all time and now head coach of Modena Volley. Follow us in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volleyballexplained! Follow us in Instag…
3 weeks ago • 365 views
TOP Volleyball Saves of 2019 year Other 2019-12-31 Best volleyball saves and wonderful defense actions of 2019 year. Enjoy watching and don`t forget to subscribe.
3 weeks ago • 307 views  1
2019 BEST Volleyball Moments Other 2019-12-29 2019 BEST Volleyball Moments - enjoy! All copyrights belong to the relevant copyright holders. Follow us in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volleyballexplained! Follow us in Instagram: https://www…
3 weeks ago • 272 views
Red card for Milad Ebadipour Plusliga 2019/20, regular season - 10th round 2019-12-15 Milad Ebadipour (Skra Bełchatów/Iran) aggressive reaction after one action in game against Czarni Radom in one of the PlusLiga 2019-2020 games.
3 weeks ago • 831 views  1
Haikyuu VS Real Life (volleyball anime) Other 2019-12-23 Best actions from popular volleyball anime - Haikyuu. Remeber! All actions are similar, not totally alike.
1 month ago • 221 views
Modena Volley Experience Other 2019-12-24 Wanna train at the "Temple of Volley", the PalaPanini in Modena? Wanna watch the training session of coach Andrea Giani in Modena Volley? Wanna meet and take pictures with Modena Volley players? Now …
1 month ago • 151 views
Why Zenit Kazan plays so badly? Other 2019-12-22 Zenit Kazan plays pretty unconvincingly since the start of the season. Why? Follow us in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volleyballexplained! Follow us in Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vol…
1 month ago • 822 views  4
TOP 10 rallies from match Fakel - ACH Volley Champions League 2019/20, Group B 2019-12-17 10 most spectacular rallys from the Champions League match Fakel -Ljubljana. 10 most spectacular rallys from the Champions League match Fakel -Ljubljana.
1 month ago • 883 views
Volleyball Explained: The Art of the Second Attack Other 2019-11-01 Let's cover and spike again! Javier Weber explains the specifics of the organisation of the second attack after covering the first spike. Enjoy! Visit https://www.volleycountry.com - the organizer of…
2 months ago • 412 views
The most craziest angle of attack in 2019 Other 2019-12-08 Best and powerful volleyball spikes with crazy angles of attacks in 2019 year. In this video you can see Men`s Italy Superleague, Brazil superleague and Women`s Turkish volleyball league.
1 month ago • 625 views
Club World Championship 2019/20 (preview) Club World Championship 2019/20 2019-12-01 Four the best teams in the world will fight for gold medal in Club World Championship. Here is preview of this tournament.
1 month ago • 380 views
Handshakes Zenit Kazan regular season - 3rd round 2019-11-02 Have you seen a more top-end salutation in the history of volleyball? Alexey Verbov and the players of Zenit Kazan performed it in the best traditions of the NBA!
2 months ago • 228 views  1
Warszawa for the 2019-2020 season Plusliga 2019/20 2019-10-22 (Onico) Warszawa is one of the last 2 teams who will compete in the next 2019-2020 season of Plusliga and I would talk about them today. They have a huge problem with their titular sponsor so we are …
3 months ago • 81 views
Jastrzębski Węgiel for the 2019-2020 season Plusliga 2019/20 2019-10-21 Jastrzębski Węgiel is the team with probably one of the strongest lineups for the 2019-2020 Plusliga season. They got players like Tomasz Fornal, Jurij Gladyr and Graham Vigrass who would for sure …
3 months ago • 107 views
Aluron Virtu CMC Zawiercie for the 2019-2020 season Plusliga 2019/20 2019-10-20 Aluron Virtu CMC Zawiercie is the team with the best volleyball fans in Poland and maybe in the World. Watch the video and see if they're ready for the 2019-2020 Plusliga season! Instagram - http://…
3 months ago • 115 views
Polacy rozpoczynają Euro Volley od zwycięstwa! European Championships 2019 2019-09-14 Mecz z Estonią to już historia.... O której opowiadają: Mateusz Bieniek, Dawid Konarski i Artur Szalpuk.
4 months ago • 17 views
Polacy i Estończycy czekają na pierwszy mecz Euro Volle… European Championships 2019 2019-09-14 Pierwszym przeciwnikiem w mistrzostwach Europy jest Estonia - zespół doświadczony i waleczny. Nasi przeciwnicy będą szukać swojej szansy. Nasi siatkarze czekają z niecierpliwością na począte…
4 months ago • 20 views
ME 0912 SebastianPawlik youtube European Championships 2019 2019-09-14 Sebastian Pawlik o pierwszych wrażeniach z Rotterdamu; Men European Championships 2019; Polska Siatkówka
4 months ago • 24 views
Ivan Zaytsev will not play for Euro because of sneakers European Championships 2017 2017-08-28 Follow me on: ➤ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/epicvolley/ ➤ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/epic.volley/ ➤ Twitter - https://twitter.com/epic_volley
2 years ago • 342 views
Two continuous powerful serve by Manavinejad Other 2017-07-07 Mohammad Javad Manavinejad or other translate Manavinezhad (Persian: محمدجواد معنوی نژاد‎‎, born 27 November 1995 in Isfahan) is an Iranian volleyball player who plays as an outsi…
2 years ago • 119 views
Volleyball Player Car | In the world Other 2017-06-13 Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.[1] It has been…
2 years ago • 321 views
Iran National Team Song Other 2017-06-13 The Iran Men's National Volleyball Team is the national men's volleyball team of Iran. It is governed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation and takes part in international volleyball c…
2 years ago • 94 views
Best Volleyball Highlights Mix 2017 Other 2017-05-15 Best Volleyball Highlights Mix 2017.Wow Boom 3rd Meter Spike. Surprise Attack.
2 years ago • 311 views
Very Funny Volleyball Videos Other 2017-02-14 Volleyball is not only sport. It gives to us a lot of fun.
2 years ago • 203 views
Top 10 Amazing Libero Set Other 2017-02-02 Libero not only defence. Players on this position can also set the ball to the attacker.
2 years ago • 252 views
Middle Blockers ● Top 10 Spikes ● Top 10 Blocks Other 2017-01-31 What is the Middle Blocker? On defense, the Middle Blocker position is the player at the net in the middle of the court between the two outside blockers. The middle blocker strives to be involved in b…
2 years ago • 300 views
Top 20 Incredible Angle Of Attack | Super Volleyball Spikes Other 2017-01-14 A lot of players have a lot of reach. They can attack from every type of ball.
3 years ago • 253 views
Amazing Diagonal Spike | Crazy Volleyball Other 2017-01-12 Amazing Diagonal Spike | Crazy Volleyball Amazing Diagonal Spike | Crazy Volleyball Amazing Diagonal Spike
3 years ago • 293 views
Top 15 Triple Blocks | Monster Blocks | Best Blocks in World Other 2017-01-12 Block is one of the most importants things in volleyball. In this movie we can see great 15 blocks.
3 years ago • 199 views
TOP50 Best Volleyball Libero Actions Other 2017-01-08 Libero has a lot of skill in defence. Here are top 50 amazing actions by them.
3 years ago • 279 views
Top 40 Surprise Attack | Setter Other 2017-01-07 A lot of volleyball love surprise attacks. Here are amazing 40 these types of attack.
3 years ago • 228 views
Top 40 Jump Back Set and Monster Spike Other 2016-12-27 Setter has important role in modern volleyball. They must perfectly set the ball.
3 years ago • 391 views