National Anthems before match Antwerpen - Bełchatów

2015-01-24 12:15
3000 Precura Antwerpen fans vs. 2000 Skra Bełchatów fans. Who was better in your opinion? It was really fabulous night in Antwerpen. The atmosphere in "Lotto Arena" was stunning. It was real volleyball show. We just want to convey part of the atmosphere from "Lotto Arena". The hosts could stand the pressure and pose a real threat to their opponents only in the first set but they eventually ended up losing the match by 1:3 (25:22, 14:25, 20:25, 19:25). This way Skra further cemented their leadership in the group and can already look forward to the Drawing of Lots for the Play-off round coming up on January 29 in Luxembourg. 1195 views
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