P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki fans in match Thessaloniki - Piraeus

2015-04-25 16:25 748 views
The fans of PAOK showed what really means home court advantage. PAOK has opened the final series with 3:1 win over the big rival Olympiacos! The atmosphere inside the arena was fantastic. One more time, home fans pushed the team to the new win and step closer to the title! The second match will be played in Piraues.
2015-04-23-17-00, Greek A1 League 2014/15 final - 1st match
P.A.O.K. Sports Arena, Thessaloniki

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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago
I want to play in a stadium like this one day
Charalampos Andreopoulos GR 4 years ago
there were almost 8000 people !!
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