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Live chat 2 days ago 0

@RonanCaroff thanks, enjoy!

Live chat 3 days ago 0

@RonanCaroff just a suggestion: there is a separated chat for French League. Maybe you didn't know about it. Of course you can write on global chat anything you want.

Live chat 3 days ago 0

@pedeshtrian @PylypHarmash both fixed. Thank you for reporting it.
Btw. it will be a feature for reporting it soon. A pencil and trash icons next to the team name...

Live chat 3 days ago 0
Live chat 4 days ago 0

@Sherlock yes

Live chat 4 days ago +1

Yes, long time ago ;)

Live chat 4 days ago 0

You mean that activity pane on the right is showing only some part of real users activity? Do you have on mind that page?

Live chat 4 days ago 0

@Sherlock thanks for sharing your opinion. Anyone else?

Live chat 4 days ago 0

What do you think about such design? If current "Activity" pane is useful for you? As you see it will be removed in new version.

Live chat 4 days ago 0

@pedeshtrian send me correct classification, please. Reporting incorrect informations directly on tournament's page will be implemented soon.

Live chat 5 days ago +1

@Ingenting let's edit a type of the player from "Beach player" to the "Indoor and beach player".

Live chat 5 days ago 0

@Sherlock I will check it. @Kondes please add this infromations again.

Live chat 6 days ago 0

@Sherlock we had technical issue on the website. All data added yesterday couldn't be restored.
Sorry for that.

@VolleyballExplained movie rating is only one of the algorithm factors. I can't reveal other factors.

Volleybox backlog 3 weeks ago 0
You can add user mentions and hashtags while adding news and forum threads. Now we will implement same feature for adding comments...
Wow! What an actions. ?
Volleybox backlog 1 month ago 0
Now you can block getting private messages from specific users or from some type of users (fans / players / scouts / coaches).
Volleybox backlog 1 month ago +1
There is new option in your profile setting "Hide me among online users". If you don't want to be displayed in the right-bottom section "Online" users (on desktop devices) just check that option.

@Sherlock because of #StoczniaSzczecin :) Author told it on that movie.

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