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We will implement it. Thank you for your suggestion.
Great movie!
@Andy Khang Lam 3) Only admins are able to do it. I'm not sure that users are the copyright owners of tournament logos. 4) Actually there is no possibility to add new tags.
1) Only website admins were able to add new groups to the tournaments. The code was modified and now also tournament's administrators are able to do it. 2) There was a bug while adding beach tournaments. It is fixed now. Try again. 3) Do you mean adding logo of tournament? 4) Do you mean adding new tags (e.g. for movies)? Explain it please.
@prh92 you can report incorrect transfers directly on the list (by clicking on cross icon).
@The_slavi: welcome again slavi
You are able to add rosters of national teams now.
@Szczepu04: We are writing here about transfers for season 2019/20.
Great way of showing volleyball movies. Thank you!
@PierreF: Fixed. Thank you very much.
Great movie. Thank you!
@rkk: Just a clickbait
Wow dorda is back!
What is the reason ;-)? World Championship by Poland?
@prh92: I can't find it. Could you add report directly on the transfer?
Just mouse hover some transfer and there will be icon for reporting incorrect transfers.
@prh92: Thank you for the information!
@KVOLLEY from the Group Stage.
@EspinhoTheBest: It's ready.
You are able to report duplicates now. Just open duplicated profile of player/club/arena and report it by clicking "It's duplicate" button.
@aptf: Changed. Thank you!