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Regarding first mentioned issue: you were right and it have been just fixed.

Regarding second issue (predefined list of halls): we know how many teams are participating in specific tournament and if all of them have been assigned to the tournament (for example we know that in some tournament should be 45 teams and 45 teams are visible on “Teams” tab on the tournament profile). In that case we can serve predefined list.
We can't implement similar mechanism for arenas, because we don't know total amount of them. There is common situation that some team is playing their matches on two arenas in the same tournament.

To sum up, two new awards should be added:

  • Most Important Player
  • Best Newcomer

For which tournaments should it be available? All Japanese and South Korean tournaments (all levels and both genders)?

@HappyWithVolleyball good suggestion 👍🏼 It have been fixed.

Referee database 2 weeks ago 0

@slintyen also reported such a need. Task is already added to the backlog with low priority.

Thanks for sharing your idea 👍🏼

This task is on backlog for a long time with medium priority.

Global admins and admins of specific tournament have possibility of removing such relations now.


@sitenoise please provide me a link to that post. I did the same and it works fine.

How can I reproduce it?

I edited that post: which contains Plusliga hashtag. It still displays on the timeline of the tournament.

It seems like a bug.

  1. I can add “Related” section for posts based on the hashtags used inside.
  2. The biggest social media websites presents all content together (without splitting it for news/links/movies). That's the same approach.
    I can add dropdown list on the “Timeline” and there will be options: All/Movies/News/Links/Posts (similar to the homepage).
Beach Volleyball Awards 1 month ago +2

@pedeshtrian it will need extra implementation from my side.

Users will be able to choose season and award on “Awards” tab in the player profile.

I don't know when I will be able to implement it. I am totally involved in modifications on the homepage. A lot of work there…

Beach Volleyball Awards 1 month ago +1

In my opinion creating some fake tournament is not a good solution of that issue. This tournament will be displayed on many places on the website.

We can think about enabling “Awards” tab for beach volleyball players and different types of the awards and different tournaments will be displayed there.

Few changes after your suggestions:

  • “Show more” is displayed for truncated texts, it works the same as clicking on the title
  • Back button was added for posts and forum threads
  • Comment form is displayed for posts (after clicking on their title)
Probpem 1 month ago 0

@SlobodanNiketić are you clicking on the Chrome on your desktop or Volleybox on the desktop?

Is that ok now?

Probpem 1 month ago +1


Are you opening Volleybox in the internet browser on the android or in separated app on the phone?

Btw. if this bug still occurs? I have already upload some bugfix.

Probpem 1 month ago 0

@sitenoise yes, the advantage of a forum is that it groups threads that are similar to each other (bug reports is good example).

I was thinking about setting the forum category to the posts from the homepage/waiting room (I'm not sure who should be able to do it: moderators + author / only moderators). But it should be set after adding the post. I don't want to expect categories to be completed when adding a post, as it will discourage users from adding posts. Look how simple is adding new posts on the Twitter.

@sitenoise it is possible, but I doubt it makes sense.

According to UX principles forms should be as short as possible and adding each additional field reduces the number of users who will submit the form. That's why a lot of websites needs only login and password during the registration process instead of getting a long list of informations from you (birthday, gender, country etc.).

Adding the report url field will confuse users.

Some solution is showing that field only for you.

I was planning to announce it after making some bugfixes.

Microblog was merged with waiting room. If you want to say anything, even one sentence, one photo just add it on the homepage (let's click on “Create post” field). Your post will be presented on the waiting room and can be pushed to the homepage by user's votes. Messages added previously on the microblog are presented on the waiting room now (or homepage if they exceeded the acceptance threshold).

The problem was that a user who wanted to add some new information on the site (anything, even sharing the joy after victory of his team) could do that in 3 ways:
- by adding a news,
- by adding a message on the microblog
- by adding a thread on the forum.

That's why there was a risk that the same content could be duplicated on the Volleybox. Moreover, according to Hick's Law giving too many options to the user paralyzes him.

Currently, user can do it in two places. I'm still wondering how to merge the homepage to the forum and whether to do it at all.

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