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@New_Volleyball are you a bot?

No offence, only a joke.

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@Cehudo in the past only moderators were able to accept movies from waiting room. We've intentionally changed it. We wanted to give that opportunity to you. We think that the group of users is more objective than one moderator.

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@Cehudo these spammy links have been removed and user have been banned.

Could you tell me what is difficult to understand with plus/minus button? I don't mean you personally. I try to understand why users don't use that feature.

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@Sherlock @Cehudo @sitenoise thanks for your suggestion. Rosters are sorted by positions again (as @sitenoise mentioned before). This website should be most useful for you and if 3 different users says that something is wrong that it is clear signal for us to making a change ;)
The idea of adding jersey's numbers on rosters was searching a informations about some player during a matches. There are much more visits during the weekends, probably some of you use Volleybox at the halls. We want to make a Volleybox a proper place to answer the questions like: "who is the guy with number 12 in Cambrai Volley?".

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@Sherlock I will do it

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Just add new team in player profile: Rennes 2020/21. It will be merged to the previous team-player connection after moderator's acceptation.

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No, I didn't change it.

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@Sherlock you have found serious problem on Volleybox! It was related only with specific countries. It is fixed now. Thanks for reporting it!

Club Review page. 1 month ago 0

Hi Philip. Thanks for your suggestion.

Just asking: why do you scroll that page? I mean you are looking for some specific review? Maybe some filter is missing in the box on the right?

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@Sherlock bug related with message "Date is out of tournament's range" should be fixed. Please check it.

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@RonanCaroff fixed. Sorry for that.

Movie of January. Congratulations.

Great news!

Congratulations @RenanSalton and @AnnaLoureiro! We are very glad that we helped someone to find a job.

Widgets for developers 1 month ago 0

@Sudo nice idea. But how it should looks?

Only matches for next 7 days should be presented? What about presenting results of last round and game classification?

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No, we don't have such plans. There are lot of to do regarding just volleyball.
For some reason users don't want to share their opinion on volleybox :(

@SorinAcela player should be presented in the rosters of both of teams.

@NadaGad no, I don't know.

Congratulations #France !

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@AlbertNemes wow, nice to hear that. Thank you.

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