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@Dorien let's try to add these matches to that tournament:

@sitenoise there was "Map" tab long time ago in the arenas profiles. Latitude and longitude were calculated from the arena's address. Then arena was marked on the Google Map. This has been removed due to google maps license restrictions. I can add to the TODO list to check if the restrictions still apply.

@ojvolleyball "all ages" type will be added soon. Task have been added to the TODOs.

@ojvolleyball yes, it's because you are trying to add U19 teams to senior tournament.

Inside information 2 weeks ago +2

@jais some idea is defining a group of "reliable" users. It needs an extra implementation of course.

Inside information 2 weeks ago 0

Hi @jais, yes I understand what do you mean. Any solutions?

I can remove the link validation, but in that case moderators will not be able to verify that this information is correct.

Team B Coach 2 weeks ago 0

There isn't such possibility, sorry. It requires extra implementation.

@sitenoise bug still occurs (Aimi Kawashima is an example). I will monitor this issue.

Few details regarding this issue:

  • IDs of users who edited player-team connections are stored in db (exact edit dates are stored also). These IDs are empty for Brilliant Aries's players I checked (e.g. Rina Sasaki, Mayu Mizutani). It means that no one changed these relations after you added them.
  • I don't see any "trace of the crime" that end dates have been massively set by some mechanism.
  • I can set empty season for some group of players (tell me which players it is about).

According to the implementation current club of the player should be recalculated after all changes on the relations between player and club. Few days ago I discovered that it was missing in two places, but to be honest I'm not sure that I found the real reason.

Volleybox has mechanism for recalculating current club for all players in the database, but I would prefer to avoid running it (immediate refresh is better than refreshing once, e.g. at midnight). I ran that mechanism few days ago and that's why Erica Chuman has correct club.

I would be very grateful if you will find the full path to reproduce that bug.

Change number of teams 2 weeks ago 0

You are absolutely right. It have been just fixed.

Added to the TODO list.

@ojvolleyball I solved that problem. You should be able to change arena's type now (by clicking on pencil icon).

@ojvolleyball you choosed "Stadium" type while adding that arenas. "Stadium" means football stadium (where volleyball matches are played from time to time) or beach volleyball stadium.

In my opinion arenas mentioned by you should have type "Hall". Adding clubs for halls is possible.

@ojvolleyball @Dorien notifications has absolute path (e.g. instead of /hekinan-city-seaside-gymnasium-a2524), because some of them are sent in emails.

Clicking on link /hekinan-city-seaside-gymnasium-a2524 in the email message will cause an error.

There are some solutions of that problem, but it is a little bit complex and the list of suggestions and bugs is growing all the time (look on the forum threads from today).

Problem with redirecting to the Women Volleybox has low priority.

@ojvolleyball @Dorien from what page were you redirected to the arena's profile (on Women Volleybox)?

@ojvolleyball here it is: Please change starting date and number of participating teams.

@Fran could you take care of tournament's logo?

Name of Japan League 3 weeks ago +1

@sitenoise this is a question for you as an expert of Japanese leagues.

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