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I am currently editing the 2018/19 season page for Korean President Cup High School Tournament, but I am having difficulty in finding and adding the teams below:

1st place: Sunmyung3rd place: Jungang5th place: Mokpo Commercialpartic... Show more
2021-07-15 6 484 474 1 min read
breakingice2 months ago 474 6

Hi, I've been having difficulty with creating new tournaments. It won't let me create a tournament without adding an image file, but when I actually upload a jpeg/jpg/png file, the image doesn't show.

I'm struggling to resolve this proble... Show more

2021-04-21 4 447 435 1 min read
breakingice5 months ago 435 4

As we all know, the Supercup (held in almost all European leagues) is more like an event than a tournament, with only one game before the beginning of the season. The only officially given title in the super cup is the MVP.

However, I hav... Show more

2021-04-14 5 453 446 1 min read
breakingice5 months ago 446 5

I think there is unclarity in how the Olympic Qualification Tournament for 2016 are currently listed on Volleybox.

The World Olympic Qualification Tournament series have always been held for each Olympic game, including 2016 Rio, starting... Show more

2021-04-10 9 472 468 1 min read
breakingice5 months ago 468 9

Please correct me if this is already a function on volleybox, but I think it'd be great if there is a C symbol displayed next to the player who was captain of that season under the roster page for the team.

I'm not exactly sure how that s... Show more

2021-03-27 2 406 389 1 min read
breakingice6 months ago 389 2

There are cases where a player was on loan from club A to club B, but such information is hard to indicate under player information.

For instance, Yeon-Koung Kim was on loan to JT Marvelous from Heungkuk Life from 2009~2011, and she parti... Show more

2021-03-11 2 457 432 1 min read
breakingice6 months ago 432 2

#DaYeongLee #JaeYeongLee #SouthKorea #KoreanVLeague202021 #HeungkukLifePinkSpiders 

"We feel a deep sense of responsibility to all fans of volleyball that we've let down," the Pink Spiders said in a statement. "Bullying among student-athl... Show more

2021-02-15 0 2734 982 2 mins read
breakingice7 months ago 982 0

I have noticed that the awards for #KoreanV-League2019/20 and other seasons as well that it has the wrong MVP listed. I have discussed this in a different thread before, but the MVP equivalent in the Korean League is the Finals MVP (챔피언결... Show more

2020-11-20 5 554 473 1 min read
breakingice10 months ago 473 5


I have a suggestion to add MIP (Most Important Player) to the award list. 

This is because in leagues like Japan or South Korea, there is an award given to the best player of the runners-up team. It is an award that is next importan... Show more

2020-11-20 19 777 770 1 min read
breakingice10 months ago 770 19

Lausanne, Switzerland, August 17, 2020 - Kim Yeon Koung has been an integral part of the Korean national team for a good decade and a half, helping keep the side present in all major international competitions and even bringing back to h... Show more

2020-08-17 0 1239 579 2 mins read
breakingice1 year ago 579 0

Many of the Korean players' names added the past month in here has wrong formatting. Their last names and first names should be switched so that Lee/Kim/Han/etc comes after their first names.

1 year ago 1 90 77
breakingice1 year ago 77 1

According to the official report found here on page 591,  the best player of the tournament are

  • Total Kills: Maria Salgado (BRA)
  • Kill %: Julie Vollertsen (USA)
  • Total Blocks: Rose Magers (USA)
  • Solo Blocks: Sandra Lima (BRA)
  • Sewing Ace: Meizhu ... Show more
1 year ago 0 81 74
breakingice1 year ago 74 0

Today Kim revealed her house and her collection of trophies on TV. It shows that she was best scorer and best receiver of the 2005 U17 Asian Championship held at Mandaue City.


1 year ago 0 133 119
breakingice1 year ago 119 0
  • Best Scorer was given to Yeon-Koung Kim, despite being the best scorer for overall points being Yusleinis Herrera Alvarez. Kim was best scorer for points per set, which I think was the standard for this season.
  • Best Spiker was given to Ye... Show more
1 year ago 0 109 101
breakingice1 year ago 101 0
1 year ago 0 94 89
breakingice1 year ago 89 0

Hello, could I know the maximum limit of the number of best players one can add for a cup tournament? Officially only MVPs are given out but since the dataproject website lists best scorer/server/blocker/receiver/spiker as well as the Be... Show more

1 year ago 1 82 79
breakingice1 year ago 79 1
  • Best Scorer: Yeon-Koung Kim
  • Best Server: Floortje Meijners
  • Best Blocker: Milena Rasic
  • Best Reciever: Nihan Yeldan
  • Best Spiker: Eda Erdem


1 year ago 0 104 97
breakingice1 year ago 97 0

The Asian qualification tournament was held in Canberra, Australia, from March 28th to 31st. South Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei and Australia participated in the tournament with the winner of the finals granted one ticket for the 1996 Su... Show more

1 year ago 0 104 96
breakingice1 year ago 96 0

Kenny Moreno(Hyundai) was the regular round MVP and Montanyo(KGC) was the Final Championship MVP. Again, KOVO has failed to list this on their website but here is a picture on the website of the tournament.



1 year ago 0 79 69
breakingice1 year ago 69 0

Bethania De La Cruz (GS Caltex) was the regular round MVP and Yeon-Koung Kim(Heungkuk) was the Final Championship MVP. For some reason, KOVO has failed to list this on their website. One news video about this and another interview.

#Korea... Show more

1 year ago 0 96 92
breakingice1 year ago 92 0

Yeon-Koung Kim (Heungkuk) was the MVP of the regular round, but the finals MVP is Dae-Young Jung (GS Caltex). There is an interview article and another news article about this. Under KOVO website, it also says 챔프전 MVP (Championship MVP) ... Show more

1 year ago 0 71 67
breakingice1 year ago 67 0

Thailand's team EST (7th) and Vietnam's Vietinbank (8th) also participated in the Cup. Tournament Information and ranking.


1 year ago 0 87 77
breakingice1 year ago 77 0

Tianjin Bridgestone was the winner of this cup. KOVO cup is sometimes an international tournament with teams outside of Korea participating, so the region should be changed to continental. 


1 year ago 1 91 87
breakingice1 year ago 87 1

There is no Final MVP for the 2019/20 Korean V-League because there is no winning team due to do the COVID-19 crisis. Hyo-jin Yang is the regular season MVP, which is not the equivalent to a Championship MVP. There is no winning team of ... Show more

1 year ago 3 165 142
breakingice1 year ago 142 3

I think the best players list is wrong. Brankica Mihajlović and Tatiana Kosheleva were awarded the Best Outside Hitters of the tournament, but they were not the best receivers. The best receiver, according to the FIVB World Cup 2015 Webs... Show more

1 year ago 0 133 122
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