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The Golden era of the French volleyball dynasty. Gold in Tokyo Olympics for France.

@Sherlock That is for sure. But had he stayed in Piacenza he would be with Brizzard, and I could watch on the new Volleyworld channel (Hopefully that is going to happen very soon) ?

Sebastian Świderski

Czyżby był trenerem we Włoszech? ?

Michał Kubiak insulted Iranians (affair)

@Didomak it's not really good to judge a subject like this from one point of view specially considering his pervious actions and current ones

Yuriy Gladyr (2nd movie)

Strong serve, speed blocker, quickly attack..what they say, Yuriy is one of best player in this position

Yuriy Gladyr received Polish citizenship

Як шкода, що найвищі досягнення в волейболі Юрій не здобув разом з теперішньою Збірною України за президенства ФВУ Мельника М.Г., а тільки у європейських клубах зумів себе проявити як гравець світового рівня. Браво технічному гравцеві Юрію Гладирю за професіоналізм та видовищність гри у цьому спорті!

French Tokyo Olympic roster unveil, 6 returned from Rio.

Excited for this French team! They beat Poland so anything is possible in the Olympics.

New World Record: 13 Aces by Wilfredo Leon!!!

Imagine winning the World Championship (Poland), and then just adding the best / most dominant player in Volleyball to the Team.

@J.P. Yes twice. Against Canada and Japan if I remember correctly.

Kovačević injured
John Suen in Kovačević injured
1 year ago

Serbia has two starter down. That's just really sad and I am unsure how will they recover with Kovacevic out.

@JohnSuen I've been watching their games too. I still think Patch is more of an impact player than Ensing.

Most Heartbreaking volleyball moments

@rexvolley Oh okay that was extreme overreacting then, Italian style.

French Volleybox is live now!

@VitaliiLatysh it's ready now.

France - Bulgaria (highlights)

@JohnSuen Well, in fact Meyer and N'Gapeth played the last match so it's not every week, it's probably only every match.

@JohnSuen I hope so. I want to see Vettori play one more time in the olympics if only to prove the haters wrong! Hahaha

Interesting insight into Russia's VNL roster, Muserskiy listed as Opposite.

@J.P. Welp, I guess that’s all we can get from the google translation. Thanks, prayers and thoughts to him and a speedy recovery.

@JohnSuen Just checked it out. Maybe Rossard might even prove himself in Germany or so. But we'll have to see

@J.P. Certainly is. They were once on top of the world and now…


@VolleyballExplained Yes that was a little joke. Interesting video, as usual. ?

France - Bulgaria (highlights)

@JohnSuen He will play in the team of young guns in 2nd division (France Avenir 2024).

Top Volleyball Prospects in the World

@JohnSuen You're right ! I fixed it, thank you.

The Emperor, The Rifle, The Lemon, The Spider | Do you know the NICKNAMES of VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS?

@JohnSuen I believe so, he also inherited the nickname of his father, Grozer Sr. He is called also The Iceman, I think. I will make a part 2 for sure - about non-Bulgarians.

French team unveils its roster for VNL

@JohnSuen Thanks a lot, we wish too. That would be a great reward for them. ?

Волейболният съдия | Александър Виналиев | Епизод 37

Спи ли спокойно господин Виналиев??

The Rise Of Matthew Anderson

really great player Matthew Anderson?

Huseyin Batuhan Duman in season 2020/21

Congrats Batuhan. Wish you a continued success.?


Final game of Slovenian championship (today at 18:15!)

@Sherlock Yeah, it was a roller coaster! But I just love it how passionately Maribor play the game. They really play one for all and all for one.

If anyone wants to see the replay of the match, it's available here.

Serbia - Slovenia (full match)

I was there, along with 3000 other Slovenians, we were eager to cheer and shout and be with our NT, but the guys who spoke on the microphones were interrupting all the time. It was way different way of cheering than it is in Slovenia or in any balkan country. It's so passionate where I come from…in France it was all more like watching a theatre play. That's how I saw it

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Hi. Whoever is reporting the FIVB rumor links, please stop. If the user Alex Robertson is posting them, they are fine.

please report any guest users posting transfers with that link, those are fake. 

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