Dutch Volleybox has been just launched!

Dutch Volleybox has been just launched!

Volleybox 2021-05-20 • 3704 views • 1

I am glad to tell you that next language version of #Volleyboxnet has been just launched. After launching Polish Volleybox, the next one is Dutch Volleybox.

It is a result of 20 days of work of @slintyen who was supported by @Dorien and @HarmKorevaar. Thank you team for such incredible achievement!

People from Volleybox are still working hard under the other languages. Currently 30 people participate in the translation process. If you want to join them I'm sending you a link to the Crowdin project: https://crowdin.com/project/volleybox.

Few other languages seems to be launched soon:

I will share for some time the impact of the translation on the popularity of the site in Poland, #Belgium and the #Netherlands.

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Thank you?