Italy (90) vs Brasil (00)

2013-11-16 09:57
Comparative video between the best team of the last century and the bets one of the XXI century. You could see there amazing team from Italy and Brazil in the action. Only best players play there: Lorenzo Bernardi, Ferdinando De Giorgi, Samuele Papi, Giba, Dante, Ricardo Garcia and many more... Best actions from World Championship 1990 and The Olympics 2004. Which team was better in your opinion?

Italy line-up (90): Andrea Anastasi, Lorenzo Bernardi, Marco Bracci, Luca Cantagalli, Ferdinando De Giorgi, Andrea Gardini, Andrea Giani, Andrea Lucchetta, Marco Martinelli, Roberto Masciarelli, Paolo Tofoli, Andrea Zorzi.
Brazil line-up (00): Giovane Gávio, André Heller, Maurício Lima, Giba, André Nascimento, Sérgio Dutra Santos, Anderson Rodrigues, Nalbert Bitencourt, Gustavo Endres, Rodrigo Santana, Ricardo Garcia, Dante Amaral
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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 5 years ago
Can you compare other teams in your net videos?
Rachel BR 5 years ago
Nice video! Thanks for sharing


cesarernandez Madrid, Spain

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