Skra Bełchatów - Zenit Kazan (Highlights)

2012-03-21 11:21
Zenit Kazan won the Champions league in front of 14 000 spectators! See replay of last action in final game: . Andrzej Lemek saw on the monitors recording the last action. "It was perfectly obvious that the attack of Michal Winiarski ball caught in a hand of Yury Berezhko. If only the judge Jovanović wanted to check himself, would not be a problem. He did not do this, though the second referee also suggested to him that it could be a block. Pity, because this whole shouldn't happen at all - said Andrzej Lemek (former Polish referee). Mariusz Wlazly was elected the MVP of tournament. Mariusz Wlazly was the best scorer of final match, he scored 25 points. Maxim Mikhaylov was absolutely the best player of Zenit Kazan. He scored 42 poinst in semifinal + final.
Date: 18.03.2012
Place: "Atlas Arena", Łódź (POL)
Match: Skra Bełchatów (POL) - Zenit Kazan (RUS) 2:3 (Final)
Kind of tournament: European Champions League 2011/12 Final Four

Title of song:
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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
I really like the music!
taduch CZ 7 years ago
thanks very much
for me very interesting moment of this nice match
maredo PL 7 years ago
poor SKRA, but Zenit was better
Overlook PL 7 years ago
taduch: It’s hard exactly translate, what Kurek said, but it was something in that meaning that last action is after them and the most important is next action, they can’t recollect now what already happened, there were also some swear words. In the end coach also said: “Bartek, watch out now for short(?) serve”.
RevanExtasis PT 7 years ago
Good VIdeo miss Sillaveq, BTW two person are Skra Fans thumbs up if you agree XD
rtr RU 7 years ago
Hohoho Apalikovs emotions ^_^
Superblocks, Kurek face... Hell , itis my fav volleball's fan video ever
eRKa PL 7 years ago
Jacek Nawrocki at every time out pleased his players to keep the service and to let the opponent play. when Mariusz Wlazły 'ruined' the service at the set point, he said: "Fuuck! we have to win this by our heart, we won't win by any tactics."
I don't remember what Kurek said but propably there were also some motivating swear words.

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taduch CZ 7 years ago
please can someone explain or translate what happend last Belchatowś TO in the 4. set?- what said Kurek and the coach? :-)
raylight BG 7 years ago
How passionate )
Zakonka PL 7 years ago
Amazing video about an amazing match. Music creates an incredible impression. Amazing job

I was most sorry for the Zatorski because he played extremely good in match and still lost.
Milka PL 7 years ago
Who could give the thumb down this movie?! ;o
samueleke BE 7 years ago
Falasca had made 1 big mistake..the pipe at the end of the 5th set wasn't the best choice.. But it was a great final!!
juantorena95 RO 7 years ago
simply awesome hair from head stand up when i was watching movie
Milka PL 7 years ago
amazing! Simply A-MA-ZING!
jacek_torres PL 7 years ago
ambeivable sllaveq
eRKa PL 7 years ago
impressive how music can make some event epic
John17 FR 7 years ago
Message to videomakers ! : Did you know the music of that kind? like trivial music..300,heart of courage...
Thanks a lot
supporteurs PL 7 years ago
love it
Sllaveq BG 7 years ago
Thanks.. the music is quite trivial, but it fits here..
dyingflutsman NL 7 years ago
Awesome vid!


Sllaveq Разград, Bulgaria

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