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Pallavolo Molfetta coach Flavio Gulinelli is going to sign a deal with egyptian men national team, he will leave his italian club soon, it's very likely that 25\11\16 Molfetta-Trento is his last match in Italy.

The former Slovakia and P... Show more

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After the qualifying Egypt and Cameroon to the World Championship which will be held in Poland this year we already know 18 of the 24 teams, which will take part in this tournament.

#WorldChampionships2014 #Cameroon #Egypt

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Portugal, ranked 36th in the world, finished 16th in last year’s World League and were eligible to fill the vacancy left by Egypt who withdrew citing difficulty in complying with tournament regulations - having lost to the Netherlands in... Show more
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Executive Committee: FIVB approved the appointment of Japan and Egypt into the 2013 edition of the World League at its meeting in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.

Sports Events Council’s proposal to expand the World League to 18 teams (thr... Show more
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