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Rok Možič vs SK Zadruga Aich/Dob

@Bruno23 Yes, he really is a good attacker. And he has even improved his game this season. He is a game-winning player.

Thibault Rossard destroys LUBE Civitanova

I absolutely love this player, and this is the best of Thibault Rossard I've ever seen in the beginnig of this season ! ?

Cucine Lube Civitanova - Vibo-Valentia (highlights)

@jais Saitta is brillant, he already was in France but it looks like he improved ! Chinenyeze is becoming stronger and stronger in attacking and blocking. He also changed his serve to have a more aggressive one, that's good ! And he's only 22 ! Yeah, the opposite seems to be their main weakness unfortunately.

Bartosz Bednorz - The Polish Bomber | Serve Explained

@jais That's exactly what I think. N'Gapeth had to do everything last year. Now with Bednorz receiving, Mikhaylov back at the opposite position and the 3 liberos who have more experience, he has a little less pressure. He can play his own spectacular game.

Best Volleyball Setters in the World?

@CyrilVanherrentals I agree, he's not yet among the best of the world, but he's amazing. I posted a comment under a video about him here :

Leo Shoes Modena - Gas Sales Piacenza (highlights)

@jais It is also very interesting for me

Matias Sanchez - Little Genius | IQ 200 Volleyball Setter

What a player ! 1m73 is very very small but what he does is amazing. We have him in the French Championship this year so I can watch him play more often than I used to do. He's amazing, it's been a while that we didn't have such a good setter in France (along with Uriarte this year). Every time he does the perfect and unexpected set, how many times were the Tourcoing attackers in 1vs1 this season ? Also, his serve is brilliant. Last match he had 11 points in a row with every possible serve : float, smash, line, diagonal, cut serve, short, long… all the French followers are impressed and the receivers are going crazy. I'm pretty impatient to see him dueling with the 2m12 Artur Udrys though. ?

Also, Argentina's starting 6 is full of young players, they could do some damage in the future.

Uberlândia - Taubaté (highlights)

@MagicVolley It happens only with your Brazilian videos, and never with any other YouTube video. Let's see with the next one when it will be uploaded.

Zenit Kazan - Ural Ufa (highlights)

@top_volleyball Oh no.. thanks for the answer. Hopefully Zenit won quite easily against Fakel even without him.

Luis Elian Estrada

SORRY TO correct, he is not part of the national team, he is under the fivb umbrella system. So he doesnt have national team for now. 

Kioene Padova - Allianz Milano (highlights)

@jais Yes, this game was held on November 7, 2020

Top 10 Fantastic Volleyball ACES in VNL 2019

I want be be an ace too, but then i want to become a setter :D

Gas Sales Piacenza - Kioene Padova (highlights)

@jais Sure. Thank you for the comment

Ribnica Kraljevo - Radnički Kragujevac (full match)


After seven tied championship victories and two in the Serbian Cup, the volleyball players from Kraljevo's Ribnica hosted Kragujevac's Radnički. The old, good "Šumadija derby" was only on paper. The people of Kraljevo entered the match with a strong motive, in which they ran over the neighbors from the town of Lepenica and achieved the eighth championship victory

The hurricane start of Ribnica, on the services of Žarko Ubiparip, the "musketeers" increased 5-0, and the young receiver of the service contributed to that with three aces. When it was 9-1 a few minutes later on the scoreboard, after the first point of Delgudis, Radnički's coach Dragan Kobiljski had already used both time outs. In the technical time-out, the home team had a nice capital of 12-5. Radnički's 4-0 series did not shake the people of Kraljevo who played their game either. However, the guests returned to the match, after Goić's block, they reached a point 17-16 behind, but Ribnica had a ready answer. With the result 21-19, the home team requested the first time out, as an opportunity to agree on how to conclude the first set. And they did the job in the best way, 25-21 and the lead in the match. Ribnica started the second set strongly, the 3-1 lead was quickly lost 4-4, but the people of Kraljevo reached a significant 9-5 after a few minutes and forced the guest bench to request the first time out in this set. It was worth nothing, Bićanin, Todorović and Ubiparip were in a strong rush, so they went to the technical time-out with the lead of the "Musketeers" 12-6. She led Ribnica and 19-9, played with the guests from Kragujevac, and ended the set with a fantastic block by Gajović 25-16. At the beginning of the third set, the situation in this match is not typical, the guests' lead is 3-1, but Ribnica soon equalized 4-4, so that it would be 12-9 for the "Musketeers" in the technical timeout. In the continuation of the set, the block of Ubiparip over Hamzagić and ace Todorović brought Ribnica big 15-10. Ribnica had 18-11 in this set, Radnički's coach Kobiljski changed, but nothing was worth it. There is no cure for this Ribnica! The Šumadija derby went to the host, in the third set very convincingly 25-18 and convincing 3-0. Eight out of eight, isn't it! RIBNICA - RADNICKI (KG) 3 - 0 (25-21, 25-16, 25-18) New sports hall in Kraljevo Played without the presence of spectators Referees: Đ. Stevanović and D. Rogić (Belgrade) RIBNICA: Močić (libero 1), Stefanović 7 (1 bl, 3 sg), Todorović 14 (2 as, 2 sg), Vukmirović, Bićanin 2) 1 bl), Ubiparip 11 (4 as, 1 bl, 3 sg), Veselinovic, Gajovic 4 (2 bl), Rudic, Petrasinovic, L. Ratkovic (libero 2), Delgudis 9 (3 gr), Zivanovic Coach: M. Simojlovic RADNICKI (KG): Milutinovic, Antic (libero 2), Goic 6 (2 bl, 1 as), Vidovic, Lopar 5 (3 gr), Petrovic 1 (bl), Ivankovic 3, Matic 1, Ivkovic, Dukic 6 (1) bl, 2 gr), Pantović (libero 1), Hamzagić 11 (1 bl, 1 as, 9 gr), Ristić, Nejić 6 (4 sg) Coach: D. Kobiljski

Dynamo Moscow - Itas Trentino (highlights)

@jais Your opinion is respected

Bartosz Kurek vs Suntory Sunbirds

Where can I download the full Match?

Bartosz Kurek - THE KING Of Outside Hitters

In order to be “the king of outside hitters”, you should be an “outside hitter” and Kurek is definitely not.

Vero Volley Monza - Itas Trentino (2nd highlights)

I saw just a highlight reel and Pipo Lanza looks like he's struggling a lot. He doesn't seem very convincing. In comparison, Sedlaček shows more swag and seems more confident when he is playing. Though Lanza probably gives a lot in the reception… What is better option for Monza? Sedlaček or Lanza? Probably also depends on the team they are playing and tactical possibilities.

Vibo-Valentia - Piacenza (highlights)

@Sherlock Yes, it happens quite often that teams (especially with a lot of new players) are very unconvincing at the beginning. Civitanova and Perugia had very small amount of changes, while Piacenza and Trentino changed almost whole roster. But slowly they will have to up their game if they want to be amongst the best, Civitanova and Perugia are just smashing everyone in their way. But for sure all the teams plan to have the very best game for the Play-Offs i guess.

Rivan Nurmulki : Japan V-League

Zenit Kazan - Neftyanik Orenburg (highlights)

@MilanHomayoun Sorry, I apologize for that, my mistake

Slovenian league - live streams and new web platform

@jais most of the European Federations use this platform, earlier years mostly statistics and presentations, now also streaming on the platform

Earvin Ngapeth in one of Zenit's Kazan matches

@MilanHomayoun Also, I consider that a video creator should not be subjective like that and should let the people who watch the video make their own opinion. Because I can also take one single match when Wilfredo Leon was “bad”, and put the title “Wilfredo Leon - An Overestimated Volleyball Player ?”.

Creators should remain neutral.

Volleyball skills
Warren Nguyen in Volleyball skills
2 years ago

This blog for vietnamese or english 

Kioene Padova – Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza (highlights)

@jais Absolutely ! I missed the sunday evenings watching the big matches of Italian Superlega

Serbia - Ukraine (full match)


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