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Andrea Anastasi trash talk

There was a lot of controversy in the middle of the first set of the match between #VERVAWarszawaORLENPaliwa  and #AluronCMCWartaZawiercie. The host's coach, #AndreaAnastasi, believed that the guests had touched the ball during #ArturSza... Show more

2020-11-09 0 2967 2549
Volleybox1 year ago 2549 0
Paweł Zagumny out of the national team
Andra Anastasi revealed his list of players that will be joining national team of Poland during the season 2013. The most unexpected change is obviously an absence of the most experienced Polish setter.

Anastasi explained his decision.... Show more
2013-04-12 5 3447 3433 2 mins read
Volleybox9 years ago 3433 5
Poland will play at the national stadium in the World League 2013 against Brazil?

The Polish Volleyball Federation has unveiled an ambitious plan to stage its June FIVB World League matches against Brazil at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

The idea is still in its formative stages. On Friday, Polish national team coa... Show more

2012-12-15 7 7843 7829 2 mins read
Volleybox9 years ago 7829 7
Andrea Anastasi: New system of World League is a very good idea
Coach of Polish national team is looking forward to try this new formula of the World League 2013.

"I'm glad we are keeping 8 teams at the finals of this tournament" - said Anastasi.

As we already know, FIVB with a new president Ary... Show more
2012-12-06 1 4350 4345 2 mins read
przemek169 years ago 4345 1
In case anyone's interested, here are some highlights of yesterday's press conference. Don't know if there are any regional restrictions regarding this video, sorry.

http://www.youtub.../watch?v=YFdwe-CrML0 (thanks to TVP Sport)

Anasta... Show more
2012-08-15 3 1750 1746 1 min read
ladybugg9 years ago 1746 3
Anastasi and Gardini whith Poland until 2020
Hi Polands friends well its seems that Andrea Anastasi enjoy his life whith his new sons, the DT renew his contract with the Polish Federation until 2020 so he will play the next two olympics if poland qualify of course, he take this des... Show more
2012-08-02 14 4031 4024 1 min read
CyberPunk9 years ago 4024 14
Zibi Bartman: “No way I’ll tell you about our weaknesses”
Confidence is the key for the Polish players

“Our main strength is that we have 14 high level players. The guys from the bench can be subbed in and keep the level, so we are capable of beating any team in the world”, says Zbigniew Bartm... Show more
2012-06-08 9 6108 6098 3 mins read
blokaut_net10 years ago 6098 9
Andrea Anastasi: I want to see my players in this mood whole tournament.

- Did you expect such quick victory?

Andrea Anastasi: To be honest, no. I expected the match against Cuba will be more difficult. The same players won Norceca Championships, fighting in final against USA. In Pan American Games they have... Show more

2011-11-20 14 4467 4458 4 mins read
blokaut_net10 years ago 4458 14
Andrea Anastasi is a new coach of the Polish national volleyball team
Andrea Anastasi was chosen as a new coach of Polish national volleyball team.What do you think about the choice? Would he be better than Nawrocki and the other candidates? Is it good decision for the Polish volleyball?

#coach #AndreaAnastasi #Poland

2011-02-03 44 8842 8834 1 min read
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